How To Enjoy Indoor Nudism

By Judy Inge

Wondering how to continue nudism during off-season months? Here’s a wonderful plan for indoor nudism and sunbathing!

If you are among the most ‘ fortunate of nudists who live in a tropical climate, it means you can enjoy sunbathing regardless of the calendar. It is a refreshing and invigorating reaction to hop into your auto or station wagon, drive to your resort, strip away the confining garments and run nakedly through the woods, into the pool or stream, splashing merrily and then remark that it’s such a lovely warm day for January!

But suppose you live in the colder northern or eastern parts of the U.S., or in those sections of Canada where warm weather is a treasure and rarity? What to do? The answer is that during the appropriate season, get as much sun and fun as possible. Then, during inclement weather, try a popular pastime of many nudists indoor nudism!!

Indoors? Where?

Indoors means within the privacy of your own home, whether it be an apartment, terrace suite or private house. Some nudists have been known to rent a basement which is changed over into a gym, but this has its disadvantages. This will attract peepers and curiosity seekers and can create a feeling of discomfort that defeats the entire purpose of relaxed sunbathing.

When you visit a sunbathing camp, when you meet other nudist enthusiasts who glory in stretching out on a cot and welcome the warming, invigorating rays of Old Sol, seek out some good friends. A wise suggestion is that you enlist married friends since there will be no disparity between groups. It has always been best for couples only to get together for indoor nudism. Those with children and relatives are also welcome, but you must also take time to select evenly mixed groups. This is essential since a nudist wallflower is anything but a comforting sight and situation.

You meet these friends at the sun camps, you shower with them, you eat with them and, for those places where space is at a premium, you share a dormitory sleeping place with them. In just a week, you can decide which couples you want to continue knowing after the summer season is over. Request exchanges of addresses and mention that you think indoor nudism is a good idea and a swell way to continue friendships and enjoy health.

After exchanges of addresses, you then decide upon a suitable place where you and fellow nudists can get together. It is essential that a place be decided upon before you decide to get everyone together. After all, if you don’t have a suitable headquarters, then the entire plan falls apart.

Where To Practice Indoor Nudism

As stated above, a private house or an apartment is best; personally, I prefer a private house since this creates more freedom. Guests can walk around the rooms, in the basement, upstairs, etc., in nudity and enjoy a pseudoreaction of outdoor nudism. But, if you have an apartment, this can also be arranged properly.

All curtains and blinds must be drawn, since nudism must be enjoyed in a wholesome atmosphere of complete freedom from fear. To avoid attracting unwanted attention, you should request, in advance, that your guests be quiet and dignified. No noise. No loud shouts and shrieks. As a matter of fact, I’ve yet to hear of any unruly behavior at a sunbathing club so nudists do seem right for this type of indoor activity.

All rooms must be neat and clean,- get rid of paraphernalia that tends to clutter things up. Cushions may be used if they have a purpose. Excess doodads and knickknacks just make the entire surroundings look too civilized for comfort.

Soft music is good; stereo hi-fi is best because of its soothing qualities, but again the watchword is caution that neighbors are not annoyed and led to make snooping investigations.

Set all kinds of chairs, benches, hassocks, ottomans, etc. throughout your suite of rooms so that if a nudist wishes to relax, this may be done without crowding.

“Nude When You Enter”

A rule of thumb is that nudists be told beforehand that they should be nude when they enter. This means that as soon as they press the door buzzer or knocker and are admitted, they should be prepared to shed their clothes. Arrange to have a small vestibule or even a room off to one side which is to be used for purposes of shedding garments.

All couples who enter are greeted by the host and hostess-both of whom should be nude since they must set the example. Incidentally, before you open your door, be sure that there are no prying eyes outside. You do this by looking through a door viewer or side window, depending upon your circumstances.

When you open your door, you can so position yourself that only your head is seen as you peep through. Now, this may sound difficult, but if you just practice it a few times, you’ll see that it can be done. What about those unruly housewives who greet visitors at their doors with their heads in pin curlers, wearing sloppy house-coats, or just slips and pajamas? Surely, indoor nudism is a lot healthier and neater, when greetings are made in Nature’s own suit free of inhibitions and disguise.

As soon as your guests enter, if they are just couples, or couples with their relations and young ones, close the door. Naked before your guests, both you and your husband immediately put them in a proper frame of receptivity. After all, as said before, you must set the example.

Invite your guests into your house, let them follow you (one couple reported, “We were shy about indoor nudism but when we followed our naked host and hostess, we lost our sense of bashful-ness”) into the special undressing room. Let them all get rid of their clumsy garments while they’re together. Then you tell them they are ready to come into the main room and meet the others.

Have a Main Room

Just as in a sun camp you have an outdoor field which is used for recreation and meeting, so do you have a special place in your house for the same purpose. All guests MUST be nude when they come into this room. Furthermore, all guests MUST be nude as soon as they leave the small undressing room. This is all in the spirit of the harmony of Nature-loving. If a person displays shyness at indoor nudism, then it is best to suggest that he (or she) remain in the undressing room until ready. If the feeling of uneasiness cannot be discarded, that person just is not a suitable guest.

Remember: you owe it to your other guests to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and happy . . .just as is done in a sunbathing camp. So, don’t spoil the whole event for the sake of one person. This is only common sense.

Now, as soon as your nude arrivals come into the room, introduce them to other couples, show them around the house. Have all sorts of entertainment planned. If possible, ping-pong tables can be set up, as well as pool or billiards, chess and checkers; if you are fortunate enough to have a basement (in a private house) it means you can include more vigorous sports for the athletically inclined.

Plants and flowerpots, floral arrangements, paintings of idyllic scenes, woodsy settings, b i r d-cages, outdoorscapes, seascapes: these all add to the decor. You would do well to have them around the house. You can enjoy them all the time, in addition to just for indoor nudism.

All recreation should be under your supervision just as someone oversees activities at a recognized sun camp. Couples may dance, or hold other entertainments, but all must be in good taste, just as it is conducted in sun camps.

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Artificial Sunlight

The value of sunshine cannot be emphasized too much. In cold winter months, sunshine is a treasure to those who appreciate it because it is so rare. You can bring sunshine right into your own home; sunlamps are the best. Arrange to have a few of them set up on stands, then put floormats beneath so that a few lucky nudists can enjoy this pseudosunbathing session.

Ask at your lighting store for lamps and special types of bulbs that create a feeling of sunshine and brightness. They have them; perhaps they cost a few pennies more, but they’re worth it. If you are budget-conscious, then just obtain a few sunlamps about four, and set these up over couches or mats so that indoor nudists can take turns in enjoying the ‘sunlight.”

Bathing and Eating

I will concede that indoor nudism has one disadvantage – it cannot easily include a jump in the pool or lake. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to run naked in the sunshine, through the woods and fields, to thrill to the zephyr-cool wind on the body as it bathes one in glorious joy and then plunge into a sparkling lake or pool, enjoying the feel of silky-smooth water against the arms and legs. Yes, it is an exhilaration that is second to none.

How can you duplicate this at home? You may set up an artificial pool (typical outdoor wading pool made with an inflatable latex or rubber-balloon-type item) in your basement home. You can fill it with a water hose but be careful not to flood your guests!! Let couples and groups splash about merrily. True, they may not be able to go higher than their calf muscles but they can sit down and splash happily. And we all know that if we just dunk our feet in water, it creates a wonderful overall body feeling.

If you have an apartment, fill the tub with water shower water that continues going to simulate a waterfall. You can make the waterfall vigorous .or just a heavy spray any housewares department of a major store will sell you a shower installation that regulates the force of the spray.

Guests are thus able to go into the tub together, enjoying the fresh flowing water. To complete the picture of the outdoors, remember that NO doors must be closed. Bathroom doors remain open so washing nudists can chat idly with outsiders just as they do at a sun camp. Of course, when sanitary functions must be performed, privacy is a privilege accorded to guests.

What about eating? You may provide meals for your guests; use a long dining table as they all gather around. Cooking and dining is done in the nude. I guarantee you’ll find dishwashing less of a chore when you do it in Nature’s own garment. If you find this difficult to believe, just try it and you’ll see how different it is!

Depending upon your space and accommodations, your guests may remain overnight. This is something difficult to determine; each situation is highly individualized. Nude sleeping is the rule, of course.

Indoor Nudism for Two

A nudist couple or family may want to enjoy indoor nudism by themselves; this is possible provided that the children are mature enough to understand that neighbors and school chums may not be too sympathetic. It’s a wonderful way to relax much better than alcohol!

Nudism need not be confined to just a few precious warm months or during a fast-fleeting vacation-time. It can be a year-round pleasure to build health, happiness and friendships.

The American Sunbather
ISSUE: Number 2, April 1967
Publisher: The American Sunbather and Naturist Review

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