Questions on doing bodybuilding naked

The Nude Bodybuilder

by Carlson Wade

Nudism is the ideal way in which to do bodybuilding and exercises. After all, is it comfortable to perform health giving physical rituals while wearing binding straps, tight garments, constricting shorts? Freedom for bodily movement is possible only in a state of compatibility with Nature.

Some time ago, at a small gymnasium, a group of well-muscled youths were performing handsome exercises. Their bodies were sculpted and magnificent. Youth radiated. One young bodybuilder came out wearing a pair of athletic supporters or a jockstrap. It brought a few muffled gasps of surprise, when he turned to expose his well-developed buttocks. In the midst of everything, the straps broke and he was in a state of Nature.

There were many red faces and embarrassed exclamations. Who was least concerned? The young bodybuilder. In fact, he was probably grateful to be rid of this confinement. It all illustrates how shame and prudery exist solely in the discolored minds of prudes. Now, suppose you, as a nudist, want to do some exercises. Here are answers to a few questions that are probably bothering you.

nude muscle man on the rock


Will activity in a vigorous workout at the end of a day’s mental work help reduce fatigue?


No. Strenuous nude exercise helps produce additional tissue waste products. But diversion from mental activity into physical outlets will help decrease fatigue caused by too much “brain work.”


Since I do heavy muscle building, is a high meat (protein) diet my only source of energy?


Not exactly. The other chief source of energy is from carbohydrates such as starches and sugars.

hot naked muscle guyQUESTION:

Someone said that a good exercise for development of stomach muscles is to touch the floor with my fingertips from an upright position.


Not necessarily. Gravity will pull your trunk forward and downward when your hip and back muscles are relaxed. You raise your body by contraction of your hip muscles plus other muscles grouped at the back of your thigh. These have little to do with abdominal strength.


At nudist camps, I see other healthy young athletes with very hairy bodies and chests. Is this a sign of masculinity or greater virility?


Definitely not! Hairiness is hereditary and there is no connection with vitality or virile potency.


Is my body physique partially inherited and susceptible to slight change by environment?


Yes! Anthropologists have learned that you may inherit either of these three physique types: 1. soft and round, 2. muscular definition, 3. thin and lean type. As for environment, this includes exercise and can improve or change your body type.


Does endurance accompany speed and strength all the time?


Not quite! You need endurance in basketball; but football requires speed and strength together with endurance. Although all three powers are desirable, they are not always accompanied by each other unfortunately!


Will exercise cause injury to a normal heart?


Definitely not! If exercise is suitable to your age and physical condition, there is no risk. Besides, your skeletal muscles would stop contracting before any heart injury is possible.


On a hot day, should I enter cold water for a nude swim by suddenly diving in fast?


NO! NO! NO! Your body temperature is higher than cold water. A sudden plunge shocks your nervous and circulatory systems. First stand in cold water at about 10 inches depth. Bathe your arms, wrists, elbows and back of neck slowly. Give your metabolism a chance to adjust to the cold water.


If I do breathing exercises in the open air, will it increase the amount of oxygen that I now have stored in my system?


Not quite. Your blood maintains an oxygen balance and this quota cannot be exceeded. The ability to absorb more oxygen and utilize oxygen more effectively is improved by exercise.


What effect does exercise have on the appetite?


Exercise stimulates your appetite and requires more liquid-d r i n k i n g and aids in food assimilation, thereby increasing your weight.

nude young guyQUESTION:

Good posture and strong stomach muscles are interrelated. Is this true?


Surely! Strong stomach muscles keep your pelvis and abdominal organs in good position, relieving strain on tissues in that region and relieving strain on the joints of your lower back.


Will playing games help in muscular development?


Yes, because running aids your circulatory system, heart and respiratory (breathing) tract.


Often I experience a pain in the back of my neck. Is this caused by holding my head in one position for a long time?


Yes, it happens to most nude bodybuilders, too. Relieve the pain by letting your head drop forward for a rest, at intervals.


After exercise, I feel physically fatigued. What can I do for relief?


Exercise causes your glucose (energy) source in your muscular tissues to be used up, leaving acids and an increase in pulse rate. This fatigue may be relieved by resting for 90 minutes in a reclining position.


Someone said that a good stomach exercise is to sit erect from a lying position on the back. Is this true?


Your nudist friend is correct! The stomach muscles are forcibly contracted when you raise your trunk to a sitting (right) angle.


What is the best time of day to exercise? When I wake up?


No since exercise causes a f a t i g u e-producing emotion, you’ll only exhaust yourself for your day’s work. The late afternoon, about 2 hours before dinner, is best. And, rest for 60 minutes after exercise, before eating.


I’ve heard about “second wind,” also called “respiratory relief.” What does this mean?


After the first exertion you feel naturally tired. Your breathing and pulse rates are slower and you feel less nervous. This makes it feel that you have “second wind” but take care not to overexert yourself.


Is energy required in doing serious mental work?


A form of “mental” energy is needed but physical energy needed is very slight.


What muscular power is given by emotional excitement?


During fear, excitement, anger, etc., there is an excess secretion of epinephrine into your bloodstream.

The American Sunbather
ISSUE: Number 2, April 1967
Publisher: The American Sunbather and Naturist Review

Questions and answers about nudism

nude muscle manQUESTION: Is nudism supposed to be a religion?

ANSWER: Of course not; nudism is neither a formal worship system, nor does it interfere with any religious preferences you may have.

QUESTION: Could you tell me what sort of people are nudists?

ANSWER: They are normal, healthy people who are better citizens than most. It has been found that nudists as a group are better educated, earn more money, enjoy better family relationships. A vast majority of nudists are happily married and go as family units to nudist parks or resorts.

QUESTION: Do you mean that youngsters go with parents to nudist parks?

ANSWER: Certainly! Youngsters enjoy nudism more than adults because they discover new and exciting things about out-of-door life; they also improve their ability to get along with others and take to clothesless living with exaltation.

QUESTION: Are most nudist parks considered about the same as far as accommodations and conveniences are concerned?

ANSWER: No. Some are modern resorts; many are still primitively constructed and managed. Many nudists like a back-to-nature, hardy existence. Others like modern conveniences. Some resorts accept single persons; many will accept only married couples.

QUESTION: Will there be many single women in nudist resorts?

ANSWER: Yes, more so than single men. The single nudist may be a working girl, nurse, teacher, doctor, professional.

QUESTION: I would like to correspond with other nudists. Could you give me their names and addresses?

ANSWER: No nudist park nor honorable nudist will give out names of friends. Your name is never given out, either, unless you request it be done, and then it is up to the discretion of the particular nudist resort.

QUESTION: When I make my first visit to a nudist park, must I remove all my clothes at once?

ANSWER: Generally speaking, no. You may gradually remove your garments as you progress. But when you mingle with other nudists, it is customary to be just as clothesless. When dances are held on public grounds, dress is required.

hairy chest muscle man nudeQUESTION: Why must nudists go entirely bare? Can’t they get a nice sunshine tan or nearly as much with briefs or panties or a jockstrap? Why do they have to expose everything?

ANSWER: Because nudism teaches that whatever is concealed gives rise to the idea of “indecency.” This is miseducation. It is a throwback to the foolish dictum that the body is “indecent.” Since we are created in God’s own image, we must not be ashamed of our bodies. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we enjoy a healthy attitude. Now, we know that lasciviousness and evil originate in curiosity. For example, we know that burlesque shows, striptease acts, stags, illicit films, obscenity all stem from the idea that the hidden privates are evil. To wear briefs or panties or a jockstrap is to invite evil thoughts! To go unclad is a wonderful freedom. Of course, a pair of sandals on the feet, or a pair of sunglasses to provide visual protection, is not a sexual stimulus. When you experience nude living, you will grasp how exhilarating the freedom of the body can be. It is a discovery that each new nudist enjoys and will continue to enjoy for as long as he sunbathes. Now, absence of clothing makes athletics easier. After a volleyball game, the first call for Sunday dinner comes from the loudspeaker system. The players and spectators alike step to the pool, brook, stream, or ccean; they kick off sandals, dive in naked, splash merrily. Soon they are refreshed, dried, ready to eat. You may so immerse yourself all day and thrill to the cleansing effect of nude bathing. Who wants to put on a wet bathing suit, or sit around in wet garments after a bath? Even in warm weather, it is unwise to sit in a breeze, wearing a wet garment.

Finally, garments are vulgar! A bikini, a pair of postage-stamp trunks, a figleaf bathing suit, a jockstrap—these focus attention on certain regions of the body that nudists take for granted. A nudist does not wear garments, because he does not want to be an object of scrutiny! The nudist has complete maturity of bodily understanding.

QUESTION: What must I tell a nudist park director about myself in order to be accepted?

ANSWER: Whatever will convince the director that you are a desirable guest. You need not talk about your personal or business life to the other guests,- that is up to you. A director is entitled to know more, since his park and other guests will come in contact with you—just as you would want only desirable guests to be in the nudist resort that you visit.

QUESTION: Okay, I want to join. Will news of my activities leak out and cause embarrassment?

ANSWER: This is highly unlikely. Nudists observe etiquette and rarely, if ever, talk about themselves off the grounds.

QUESTION: Wouldn’t it make me feel strange to appear naked in mixed company for the first time?

ANSWER: Yes—there is some emotional response, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll adjust to social nudism. It soon becomes the natural thing.

QUESTION: That seems unlikely, and I don’t believe it.

ANSWER: You’re not the first one to doubt it. You’ll have to experience that first time; nothing else will equal nor substitute for that first day in a public nudist park.

naked muscle boy hairy pubesQUESTION: My wife and I will go, but we want to leave the kids home. What do you say about that?

ANSWER: Have fun—but you’ll be sorry. Kids enjoy nudism more than adults and help grownups adjust to it. We guarantee you’ll want to bring your kids on the second trip.

QUESTION: Newspapers and magazines frequently publish pictures of nudist conventions. What’s the point of it all?

ANSWER: Nudists hold regional or national conventions; here, rules, regulations, and policies are arrived at by a voting or democratic process. Also, most nudists enjoy conventions because it means a rallying of old friends—and a place to meet new nudists and exchange information. Conventions are really a “must’

QUESTION: What shall I bring along on my initial visit to a nudist park?

ANSWER: In a word-COURAGE! Also, bring an open mind. Remember: you will be as naked as the others, so join in! You could also bring sunglasses, hats, sandals or slippers. Bring a light garment to be worn like a tent or poncho if you’re not tanned. Remember that your skin isn’t ready for nudism at the very start.

QUESTION: How may someone learn the real truth about nudism? So many have given me some rather wild opinions.

ANSWER: Who are the “so many”? They’re not nudists, I’ll venture, so how can they talk about it? You’ll learn about sunbathing from a sunbathing magazine such as this one. You may read factual convention reports in newspapers and magazines; if you have a close friend or relative who tells you about nudism, that is good, too.

QUESTION: I am a young fellow of Dan-ish-Swedish ancestry with white-blond hair and pink skin. Can I become a nudist?

ANSWER: Of course. But use tanning lotion and caution. I might also add that the healthiest looking nudist is a tanned blond!

QUESTION: Shall I bring along a camera?

ANSWER: Not at first. Before bringing along any photographic equipment, first acquaint yourself with the fellow nudists, the park, any rules and regulations. Discuss this with the camp director.

QUESTION: Somewhere I read of a traveling nudist club. How is it possible for a nudist camp to move about?

ANSWER: Let me set you straight. A nudist park does not move. Nudists, themselves, may join up with certain types of organizations that do take trips (usually for a week, or just a weekend) to different parks. This provides variety of scenery and an opportunity to meet new friends and expand your knowledge of sunbathing. Ask at any camp about such moving organizations. There are several of them.

QUESTION: I’m a young Tarzan type and want to rough it. Must I live in a comfortable cabin?

ANSWER: Live like Adam, if you like. Most sunbathers like a portable tent, station wagon, or bed-in-the-car automobile. Accommodations vary; you have complete freedom. No one compels you to accept modern or ancient conveniences. Before going to a resort, write and ask about facilities to determine if they have what you seek.

QUESTION: Oh, you mean I can bring all my gear with me?

ANSWER: Bring your house, if you want. However, the management is usually concerned with well-being and safety. Such rules are simple. Some sun lovers like camping out, some go for a day or a month and bring a toothbrush or a retinue of suitcases. It’s up to you—as long as your fellow sunbathers are not inconvenienced.

QUESTION: You know something, I’ve seen crowds of nudists in convention photographs. I’ll bet there’s more to nudism than just a suntan. Am I right?

ANSWER: As right as you’ll ever be! There’s comradeship, health, freedom at nudist camps. You’ll join other families and make many acquaintances. It’s a rewarding experience. Does this sound like Utopia? It’s very close.

ISSUE: Number 1, March 1967
Publisher: American Sunbather and Nudist Review

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