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nudist magazine American SunbatherTHE AMERICAN SUNBATHER is a new naturist publication which takes the view that nudism must be brought up to date in its ideals and practices to modern concepts of sex education, sex reforms and non-Victorian ideals. This magazines emphasizes the healthy relationship between sexual needs and realities and seeks to show within its pages, that the gymnosophic movement must include single, male nudists as well as single females and families. The A. S. believes in sexual freedom for all individuals; that the traditional, old-guard naturist groups worldwide have hindered the progress and the highest expression of nudists by unreasonable demands, concurrent with the mores of middle-class society.

We welcome articles, whether controversial or not: articles and features that will illuminate the essential dignity and holiness of the nude human body. In our editorial content, we will always strive to defeat ignorance, we will uphold a creative, ethical view of the nude body and its presentation in A. S.

The depiction of man in his natural state as he is one, physically, mentally and spiritually, with nature, needs no defense. We intend to present the natural man as God intended him; as he is made to live with honor and worthiness with nature and fellow man. We hope our publication will create interest and hope for man’s condition and will encourage people the world over to join the naturist way of life and thought.

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